South Coast Tour

South Coast Tour

This Tour takes you along the south coast through the cool Bamboo Avenue. We will stop at the Historical Appleton Rum Factory and see the transformation of sugar cane to rum. The Appleton Rum Estate has been making rum since 1749. It’s a 45 minutes tour which takes you to the distillery to view Appleton Rum Copper pot stills, which give the rum a distinctive flavor. You can also take a look inside the aging house, where the rum sits in oak barrels some up to 30 yrs.

This tour also take you to the Black River Safari where you will have the opportunity to pet the wild life and see endangered crocodiles at the sanctuary you can also visit the sanctuary’s miniature zoo. You can book a tour on bamboo raft up the river.

Visit the beautiful Y.S. Falls where you bask in the beautiful pools of water and enjoy a swim. You can also enjoy zip lining over the beautiful hills and rich vegetation of Y.S. falls.

This tour departs around 8:00 a.m. and your return time depends upon where your accommodations are located and how long you wish to enjoy tour activities. The tour may be scheduled Monday through Saturday [Appleton Estate Rum Factory is closed on Sunday] from Negril , Lucea [Grand Palladium], Montego Bay area resorts/hotels.



These rates are for transportation only, and do not include lunch, or entry fees.

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