North Coast Tour #2

North Coast Tour #2

North Coast Tour #2

Take an adventure tour at Chukka Adventure and enjoy flying over the jungle rain-forest on a extreme zip line. Experience the original Horseback Ride and swim in the warm Caribbean Sea. Go tubing down a river and explore the beautiful countryside on an ATV.

Experience a twisting ride down the mountainside aboard a Bobsled ride at Mystic Mountain. This adventure was inspired by our famous Jamaica Bobsled Olympic team and is the park’s signature attraction.

Take a ride down the beautiful mountainside in a Sky Scraper, this will take you up and you will be able to view the treetops above the Mystic Mountain it is very safe and secure. The Canopy zip line takes you gliding through the rain forest from one platform to another. You can enjoy these individual tour or combine all three, the bobsled, sky scraper and canopy tour.

You can visit the Mystic Pavilion at the top of the Mystic Mountain. It has a stunning view, enjoy the food, you can go shopping or gain more insight into the island’s history, culture and preservation of the natural environment.

Visit the Lookout tower which gives you a wider view of the area and its activities atop the Mystic Pavilion. Enjoy other activities such as the Mystic Water slide & Infinity Edge Pool, Visit the Butterfly Attraction Garden and the Hummingbird Garden.

This tour departs between 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. depending upon where your accommodations are located and your return time depends upon how long you wish to enjoy tour activities. The tour may be scheduled for any day of the week from Negril, Lucea [Grand Palladium], Montego Bay area resorts/hotels.


These rates are for transportation only, and do not include lunch, or entry fees.

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