Negril Highlight Tour

Negril Highlight Tour

A vacation in Jamaica is incomplete without enjoying our beaches. Negril provides you with seven miles of white sand beach with lots of options. You can have peace and quiet on a beach chair and just soak up the sun, get a massage on the beach, style your hair or get it braid, take a long walk along the beach or get involved in water sports activities. This tour also takes you shopping you can find gift items such as authentic jewelry, T shirts, hand craft items and a wide variety of souvenirs, hand bags, foot wear it’s all there. Negril is also famous for the sunset and one of the best places to view it is at the Rick’s Café.

Rick’s Café is located on a cliff approximately 35feet high at the west end of the Island. This location gives you the perfect opportunity to view the sunset from the edge of the Earth without any encumbrances. The view is flawless and the atmosphere is awesome enjoy reggae music from a live band that will entertain you all evening. Don’t leave your cameras as you will want to take home those million dollar photos. At Rick’s the fun doesn’t stop, there are divers waiting to dare you to jump from the cliffs into the crystal clear water below. They will even climb a tree to add another 10feet to the height and do triple flips on their down which will have you saying AWE or HOLLY SHH… this is an experience you will want to have.

This tour departs around 8:00 a.m. and your return time depends upon where your accommodations are located and how long you wish to enjoy tour activities. The tour may be scheduled any day of the week from Negril , Lucea [Grand Palladium], Montego Bay area resorts/hotels.


These rates are for transportation only, and do not include lunch, or entry fees.

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