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Jamaica Taxi and Tours

Rene Ray Burgher, the owner / operator of Jamaica Taxi and Tours, is a well establish businessman in Lucea, Hanover Parish, for the past sixteen (16) years. He currently is a Director of the Lucea Chapter of JUTA (Jamaica Union of Travelers Association), and a member of JUTA since 2007. Rene and Jamaica Taxi and Tours possess a Tourism Product Development Certificate (TPD), is Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB )certified, and are vehicles are fully insured.

All of Jamaica Taxi and Tours and Rene’s energy is geared towards providing extremely high class customer service consistently according to their mission to “provide excellent quality service by ensuring that all our guest services supersede guest expectations”.

Jamaica Taxi and Tours looks forward to the opportunity to sever you. If you would like information about the best Jamaican restaurants, hangouts / chill-out spots, and Jamaican Sight-Seeing Tour destinations that will provide you with very special memorable experiences, feel free to contact Rene Ray Burgher and Jamaica Taxi and Tours. You can use our Contact Us submission Form, or call us at 1-(876) 421-0047. Rene and Jamaica Taxi and Tours will be pleased to help you customize a memorable vacation to Jamaica.


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